TraumaOne Lake City

TraumaOne Lake City at accident scene
TraumaOne Lake City at accident scene in Gilchrist County

TraumaOne Lake City, a mainstay for the residents and visitors of Columbia County and the surrounding area, has been around for more than 20 years. Together with TraumaOne North in Nassau County and TraumaOne South in St. John’s County, TraumaOne Lake City forms the third link in TraumaOne’s triad of care, a triangle of care that spans more than 120 nautical miles and covers more than 150 nautical miles.

Located at Lake City Gateway Airport in Columbia County, TraumaOne Lake City – an EC-135 P2+ helicopter – provides aeromedical ambulance coverage for our northwestern area.

Cruise Airspeed: 137 kts
Max Airspeed: 140 kts
Max takeoff weight: 6,503 lbs
Fuel Capacity: 1,235 lbs
Max ceiling: 20,000 ft.
Max engine power: 1,632 HP
Range: 334 NM
TraumaOne Lake City coverage area
TraumaOne Lake City coverage area

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