The communications staff for TraumaOne dispatches multiple helicopters within a 100-mile service area. They accept all rescue calls for the hospital and notify the trauma, emergency or pediatric emergency teams of incoming patients and their conditions. With state of the art equipment including CAD (computer aided dispatch), 800Mhz radios, and advanced mapping software, these highly qualified and trained communication specialists also perform flight-following, which allows real-time GPS location and radio communications with multiple aircraft at the same time, ensuring the utmost in safety and communication.

Full Time Communication Specialists

Senior Communication Specialists

  • Jose Ramirez, EMT, CFC
  • Kathleen Swain, EMT, CFC

Communication Specialists

  • Davay Kinsey, EMT,
  • Sarah Sansome, EMT
  • Jamie Lester, EMT-P
  • Sheri Stark, EMT, CFC
  • Patrick Ruddock, EMT, CFC
  • Pamela Yonash, EMT

PRN Communication Specialists

  • Haley Bastian, EMT-P
  • Eric Germanson, EMT, CFC